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We’ve all worked with team members (especially on sales teams) that challenge the leader, while this can at times be an annoyance and appear undermining. Many people with an entrepreneurial mindset wait years to start their own companies, and some never do. If you look at the upside, healthy competition within an organization isn’t always a negative thing.

If you have some budding entrepreneurs to deal with, there are ways to make this work to your advantage. People with an entrepreneurial mindset are different from those with a more corporate outlook, so creating a work environment where they can shine and work at their peak is tantamount. It boils down to managing them and leading them appropriately while they work for/with you and remembering that even though they don’t own their own companies they are still entrepreneurs at heart – just like you.

Here are a few tips on getting the most from entrepreneurial employees while maintaining harmony and productivity in the workplace.

Allow Them To Challenge Things

When you allow this type of employee to challenge you it should not be taken as a threat to your authority – they are just looking for ways to make things better and need a chance to figure out how. These employees, like you, never assume tomorrow should be like today. People with this mindset never say “Well that’s just the way things are done around here” or “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Entrepreneurs instinctively know there is a better way, and that conventional wisdom is old wisdom. You might be surprised at how this out of the box thinking can improve the way you do business and your bottom line as well.

Keep Rules To A Minimum

Entrepreneurial thinkers find new ways to think and new ways to act. They see rules as problems to solve or challenges to overcome and will evaluate them in an effort to improve them. Simple rules allow them to operate better by focusing on what they do best – innovate.

Give Them Problems To Solve

They will indeed surprise you if you turn them loose. They constantly look for problems to solve and in static

They will indeed surprise you if you turn them loose. They constantly look for problems to solve and in static situations, they will look for problems big, little, technical, business or team-related. Provide real problems and watch them go.

Help Them Succeed

These personalities want to make things happen and like to focus on creating cool new things. They are unhappy managing things that already exist, they want to dream up their own ideas – support them and help them see their ideas to fruition, because when it comes down to it you also want to see new things and ideas pop up in your business.

Failure Is Another Problem To Solve

These team members don’t need to be micromanaged. If they believe in the task they’ll go out of their way to accomplish that goal. For entrepreneurs, failure is OK and just another problem to be fixed.

An entrepreneurial employee can be a big asset to your business, so share your vision and your goals; these people want to make the world better. Show them how their contribution will make a difference and then get out of their way.

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