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Team leaders and real estate business owners spend so much time on their productivity and most of the time they find a way to keep their own performance at peak. That’s good, but it’s not enough.

My experience with top producing teams has convinced me that a business is only as strong as the team behind it. So, as a team leader, your real challenge is to make sure your team is performing to its full potential and every team member is on track to reach their goals.

What makes a high-performing sales team member is the combination of the right skills and motivation. In this post, we will be talking about the motivation aspect. If you have concerns about the skills of your team members, you can also check out my previous article how to select the right people to hire.

Here are the 4 steps you should follow as a team leader to ensure your team is effective and helping you reach your organizational objective.

1. Create a Team Action Plan

Building an effective team action plan is the first step to boosting your sales team performance. You are the leader and you will lead the way to the success of your business.

Rather than imposing as a leader, sit down with your team and discuss the goals that need to be achieved. Having a consensus on the goals is essential to get your team on the same page. The achievable and measurable goals you and your team have agreed to work towards must be documented. You should have weekly and monthly meetings to evaluate the progress and identify challenges.

Once you have documented a list of goals for your team, now it is time to discuss how they will achieve these goals. There can be different ways to achieve success, so let them think and come up with their own strategies – but always remember to give your feedback and don’t hesitate to share your ideas if you would like anything to be changed in their strategies.

2. Build Healthy Competition

Creating a collaborative work environment doesn’t mean your team has to sacrifice healthy competition. Competition helps sales team members push their boundaries and motivate them to perform better. It can also help them think outside of the box.

Explain to your team that competition is not a bad thing. Get everybody on the same page and help them understand that it is essential to the team’s success.

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Create a reward program for the best performers. For example, one of our coaching clients is running a contest among his team where the top performing sales team members get to attend the Mastery Summit which will take place in stunning Palm Beach, Florida on October 25-27.

3. Align Individual Agent Goals with the Organizational Objective

Your agents’ personal goals may sometimes conflict with your overall organizational goals, which can cause tension within the team. To avoid that, you should clearly define the role of every sales person on your team and help them align their personal goals with your organizational goals. The best way to do so is to have good communication with your team members, know what their personal goals, and know how they feel about the organizational objective. 

4. Have One-on-One Meetings

Having weekly and monthly meetings is essential for a team to evaluate the progress, discuss problems, and brainstorm new ideas for improvement. Many teams are doing a great job by holding these meetings on a regular basis. But one-on-one meetings are often treated as an after-thought by team leaders.

A one-on-one meeting can help give you insights about what is going on with each team member. You can understand their motivation level and help them if they need your support to perform better.

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