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3 Steps to Turn Dissatisfied Clients into Advocates

30 May | Uncategorized

Every real estate business deals with dissatisfied customers from time to time, but how you deal with them can make the difference in a loyal customer and someone who is out there bad-mouthing your company. A customer with a problem or a complaint should never be met with a pat answer, an uncomfortable silence or […]

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4 Proven Techniques to Triple Real Estate Referrals

26 May | Uncategorized

Referrals are the backbone of any real estate business. Here are 4 proven techniques to triple real estate referrals.

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What Separates Great Leaders From Average Leaders

24 May | Entrepreneurs

Whether great leaders are born that way is not fully understood, but we do know that top leaders have capabilities that separate them from average leaders.

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5 Step Formula to Double Your GCI in a Year

19 May | Business Planning

Here’s a 5-step formula for real estate entrepreneurs so they can uncover the full potential of their business and double their GCI in a year.

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4 Tips to Prepare Your Business for Staff Holidays

18 May | Real Estate

Here is a checklist of 4 key elements to help you plan and prepare for staff holidays so your business doesn’t miss a beat during staff vacations.

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5 Simple SEO Tricks for Real Estate Teams to Boost Google Ranking

10 May | Marketing and Sales

Want to boost your ranking on Google? Here are some simple but effective SEO tips for real estate teams.

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3 Common Issues Affecting Real Estate Team Growth

05 May | Real Estate

Years ago it was once possible for a single agent to run a profitable real estate business. Now due to heightened demands of prospective buyers, sellers, and the market a profitable real estate business can no longer be sustainable by a single top-producing agent. A top-producing agent needs a team to survive. That means focusing on […]

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3 Metric Groups Every Real Estate Team Should be Tracking

05 May | Business Planning

Regardless of how your business is performing you should have the ultimate control over your results. Here are the metrics every team should start tracking.

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Is Real Estate Coaching Worth It?

04 May | Agent

Does real estate coaching always result in a positive return on investment? Find out if you need a coach to be successful in your real estate business.

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01 May | Events

Millionaire Team Summit is the premier real estate event that biggest team leaders attend. Find out why you need to attend.

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3 Signs It’s Time to Fire a Client

27 Apr | Agent

Have you ever had to fire a real estate client? Here are some cases where it is advisable to wish a client the best of luck and cut them loose.

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4 tips for Hiring a Real Estate Team Manager

26 Apr | Business Planning

There are two major signs that will tell you it’s time to hire a team manager. Either it’s because you are not achieving sustainable growth or because you are growing very rapidly and it’s impossible for you to manage every aspect of your business. If you are seeing one of these signs, it may be […]

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Real Estate Recruiting: 4 Deadly Mistakes Even the Millionaire Teams Make

17 Apr | Business Planning

Over the years, real estate teams across North America have come to me and asked: “Why do we fail to hire the right candidate?” There are several reasons but the biggest problem is that recruiting is an after-thought for many real estate teams. Team leaders are usually busy with what they are doing best: selling. […]

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From Agent to CEO, Do You Have What It Takes?

11 Apr | Agent

Do you remember when you first started out in real estate? You were hustling – making contacts, showing houses, putting up yard signs – you were the business. Then the business took off and you started hiring staff. This transition from agent to CEO brought a whole new arena of issues, you started managing on top of selling. […]

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How to Build a Real Estate Team that Generates Millions in Revenue

05 Apr | Business Planning

For many years, realtors have been attracted by short-term capital gains and haven’t invested enough energy in building successful teams that will earn them millions of dollars. Thankfully this traditional approach is changing. Today, the top-producing realtors are appreciating the value of team building. One solid indicator is the interest to attend the Millionaire Summit […]

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4 Key Mistakes in Real Estate Marketing

07 Mar | Real Estate

4 Key Mistakes in Real Estate Marketing Strategic marketing is extremely necessary in an industry with lots of competition like real estate. Marketing can help stand out in the crowd and show audiences who you are, and why they should choose to work with you. Unfortunately, this isn’t always done right. Here is a list of […]

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