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When to Realistically Expect Results

02 Mar | Business Planning

When to Realistically Expect Results  We all would love to see the results from our efforts as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, results don’t come quickly or easily, they develop slowly over time from hard work. A big mistake people often make is becoming so impatient waiting that they abandon the project altogether, assuming their efforts […]

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Stand For Something; Don’t Be A Generality

24 Feb | Marketing and Sales

The old saying goes: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” We live in a time where it’s never been easier to take a stand or let your voice be heard.   Your time is now! Speak up! No, no, no. We don’t mean protesting in the streets or uncontrollably ranting on […]

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5 Social Media Tips for Millionaire Real Estate Teams

10 Feb | Entrepreneurs

Let’s face it. Social media is something that simply cannot be ignored any longer. In the real estate industry, social media can help you generate leads and referrals, showcase listings, broaden your reach, and help you tap into a younger demographic. At first it may seem like a daunting task. What platforms do I join? […]

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3 Tips For Holding Your Team Accountable

30 Jan | Business Planning

3 Tips for Holding Your Team Accountable   Research conducted by Harvard Business Review found that the single biggest thing managers around the world avoid is holding their team accountable. There’s a fine line between managing and micromanaging. Fear of crossing that line can be intimidating to some, so it’s avoided altogether. As leader of a […]

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Mindset: How To Stay Focused Throughout The Year

30 Jan | Culture

How to Keep a Focused Mindset Throughout the Year The beginning of the year is the perfect time for reflecting on what’s been accomplished, and goal-setting for the future. That’s the easy part, sadly. The hard part is making sure that momentum and focused mindset lasts the year ahead, something we all struggle with. Here […]

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Single Agent VS The Team: Which One is Better?

19 Jan | Real Estate

Over the last 20 years I’ve worked with over 700 teams and there are several observations worth noting. Most teams were not built, they just happened out of necessity. Either a successful single agent gets too busy to handle all their business or a couple of great agents partner up with each other to help […]

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The Solution to Difficult Buyers & Sellers

17 Jan | Marketing and Sales

Working in the real estate industry long enough will expose you to every kind of customer, and some may be more difficult than others. Through time and experience, this becomes easier to navigate, but it’s important to remember we as real estate agents are the solution to this problem. From my experience of coaching, I […]

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What a Leader Looks Like 2017

03 Jan | Entrepreneurs

What are the qualities of a typical leader? Strong, confident, successful. What about a leader of the future? The beginning of a new year brings new opportunities to grow, both personally and professionally. Here’s a list of how to capitalize on leadership trends just in time for the new year: Education Leads to Innovation Every […]

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Habits of Highly Effective Communicators

20 Dec | Customer Service

Being an effective communicator is a hugely positive trait to possess in the world of business, especially in real estate. Getting your point across clearly so it can resonate with audiences, customers, and co-workers are important to your success. It’s harder than it sounds, and it’s something that needs work and attention to master. Here […]

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Qualities to Look for in A Real Estate Business Partner

06 Dec | Business Planning

In any industry, business partnerships have their pros and cons. According to recent studies, two-thirds of all businesses fail, but partnerships stand a better chance. If you’ve decided to expand your business and form a team with another agent, be sure to find the right person first. Here are some qualities to look for to […]

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3 Thoughts on Persuasion in Real Estate

02 Dec | Saturday Sales Tip

3 Thoughts on Persuasion in Real Estate In order to be a leader in your market and a top producing agent, you need to have superior persuasive skills. Excellent persuasive is not something that should be considered sleazy or sneaky. The ability to be persuasive demonstrates your ability to understand individuals, and their motivations. Being able […]

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The Successful Mindset: 5 Tips to Achieve One

29 Nov | Entrepreneurs

The Successful Mindset: 5 Tips to Achieve One To be a truly effective real estate agent, starting each day with the right frame of mind is key. You need to feel energized, focused and motivated every morning if you intend on generating the amount of business you need to be successful. Everyone has an off […]

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How to Approach Your Business: 5 Thoughts for Agents

25 Nov | Entrepreneurs

Real Estate agents are naturally driven to pursue higher goals, but as their careers progress their approach to their business may change. There are top producers who start to worker smarter, while there are agents who overthink their approach, which can have negative effects on their business (not to mention their careers). After coaching the […]

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5 Thoughts to Help Your Business in 2017

22 Nov | Business Planning

5 Thoughts to Help Your Business in 2017 With the cooler weather upon us, now is the perfect time to prepare for 2017. Your Business Plan is a blueprint for your business; it should define goals, objectives, strategies and financials for the entire year. The following are a few key areas to examine when reviewing […]

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Focus on What You Can Control

18 Nov | Saturday Sales Tip

People spend too much time worrying about things they cannot control. There are some agents who do this regularly and claim they are not responsible for their performance because of external factors. Never think this way! You are in control of your own success! Focus on what you can control. Here is how you create […]

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7 Tips for a Strong Q4 Finish

15 Nov | Customer Service

7 Tips for a Strong Q4 Finish The fourth quarter is upon us, and for many of us, that entails stress. Q4 is our last opportunity to achieve the goals we set for the year both personally and from a business perspective. If you are falling short of those expectations it can be overwhelming to […]

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