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Use These Management Styles to Ignite Your Team’s Motivation

13 Mar | Teams

What’s the difference between a boss and a leader? A boss tells you what to do, while a leader inspires you to do it. This might sound cliché, but it’s true. Leaders identify roadblocks that prevent progress and motivate their teams to get past them.   Being a Realtor requires energy, optimism, and determination. But […]

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How to measure marketing success (or failure)

19 Feb | Business Planning

Regardless of how your business is performing you should have the ultimate control over your results. Here are the metrics every team should start tracking.

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How to Hold Your Real Estate Team Accountable

12 Feb | Uncategorized

In our previous post, we talked about why you need a strong real estate team culture and how you can create build it.   This time we will discuss how to build a culture of accountability.   When it comes to running a real estate team, you need to ensure that your team members are […]

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5 Steps to Creating a Strong Real Estate Team Culture

01 Feb | Uncategorized

Your real estate business needs a team culture to succeed. Here’s how to accomplish it.   Building a millionaire real estate team is all about creating a strong team culture. Although it sounds overwhelming, there are simple steps you can follow to create a strong culture in your organization. First and foremost, every single member […]

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How to Turn Business Obstacles into Opportunities

16 Jan | Entrepreneurs

Tired of business obstacles? Turn them into opportunities… As entrepreneurs, we encounter obstacles on a daily basis (although some days it seems like hourly). It is how we handle these obstacles that can make or break our business. It always seems like we have so much to do and so little time – where does […]

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5 Tips for Selling More (and Better) in 2018

04 Jan | Agent

Want to sell more and better in 2018? This is not a busy season for Realtors; everyone has been busy shopping and spending time with family and friends. But that doesn’t mean you should stop prospecting and slow down the sales process for those already in the pipeline. Put in the work now to start […]

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Make it Your Best Year: Resolutions for Top Realtors

20 Dec | Business Planning

It’s New Year’s resolution time! Do your business resolutions revolve around the same four or five things that you decided on last year? Improving your bottom line, increasing sales, keeping the team happy and cohesive, and finding a way for you to enjoy more free time? So many entrepreneurs make the same mistake year after […]

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Tips For Making 2018 Your Best Year

28 Nov | Business Planning

Are you ready for 2018? 2017 might have been stressful or exhausting, but as Realtor, you still must plan for 2018 to make it your best year. It’s time for Realtors to reflect on the overall successes and achievements of 2017 and start planning the next year! Tips For Planning A Great 2018 (5-minute read) 1. […]

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How to Get Better Leads from Facebook in 2018

19 Nov | Marketing and Sales

Create killer Facebook Ad campaigns in 2018! For many real estate businesses, advertising on Facebook is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness, get new leads and deals and increase website traffic.   For that reason, we’ve put together a list of best practices so real estate agents and teams can get the […]

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Growth Hacking: What to Do When Your Business Hits a Plateau

31 Oct | Business Planning

Feeling stuck as a real estate entrepreneur? I know many agents and teams often feel that their business is stagnating and not making much progress. First, you should know that you can easily go beyond where you are at today. You can do so much better! So, don’t make the mistake of settling for mediocrity. […]

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05 Oct | Events

Have you checked all of these off?   With the Millionaire Team Leadership Summit 2018 and many other industry conferences around the corner, we wanted to share these useful tips with North America’s top real estate teams and agents.   Our Executive Coach Bill Renaud has recently hosted a webinar for Goodfellow Coaching clients, sharing his best tips […]

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What is USP and How to Use It for Business Growth

26 Sep | Business Planning

Do you know what USP is?  The term unique selling point was a marketing theory in the 1940’s to explain patterns in successful advertising campaigns.   The basis of the concept was simple; you make unique propositions to customers to convince them to switch brands.   USP has also been used to describe personal brands, […]

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How to Create a Business Plan?

21 Sep | Business Planning

Still operating on feelings?    Hundreds of real estate entrepreneurs I have coached started their businesses with a dream, not a business plan.   They felt didn’t need a documented, corporate strategy to get their business up and running for the first few years.   But then what happened?   Some of these businesses were […]

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Why You Need a Business Plan to Go From $1M in GCI to a $10M Company

13 Sep | Business Planning

Why do you need a business plan?     If I told you that there are a quantifiable number of entrepreneurs that spend more time planning Thanksgiving weekend than they spend on their annual business plan’s would you believe me – or perhaps recognize yourself? It’s a sad reality that I have seen time and […]

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Accountability In Industry Leading Teams

08 Sep | Culture

Accountability and delegation are two critical factors when it comes to transforming a good team into a great team. Every team member must be accountable to every other team member if you want to create a high-performance team. Not only does this foster greater innovation, trust, honesty and productivity, but it also frees you up […]

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Entrepreneurial Employees

How to Effectively Manage Entrepreneurial Employees

29 Aug | Teams

We’ve all worked with team members (especially on sales teams) that challenge the leader, while this can at times be an annoyance and appear undermining. Many people with an entrepreneurial mindset wait years to start their own companies, and some never do. If you look at the upside, healthy competition within an organization isn’t always […]

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