Our Philosophy

The Goodfellow Coaching philosophy is simple: We help successful real estate entrepreneurs become extraordinary. With tailored programs specifically designed for North America’s top agents, we help our clients move their businesses to the next level.

Our High-Calibre Coaches

When you come to Goodfellow Coaching, you get matched with a like-minded coach who has not only faced the same obstacles you are facing, but has overcome them. They have taken their company to the next level of success through Goodfellow Coaching and can give you the practical advice and systems you need to reach your goals. Every one of our main coaches has been a top producer in his or her respective market for years. We have also brought in specialty coaches who all have a field of expertise that will cover every aspect of your business.

Our Proven Systems

Our tried-and-true real estate coaching programs will guide you through every plateau and obstacle you and your team will face, from marketing and social media to wealth management, skills, leadership, technology, human resources, and more. From our first meeting to our weekly coaching calls, we will help you establish your goals, determine a solution, implement a system, and achieve further success.

Goodfellow Coaching and Consulting will not be for everybody–only the absolute best agents, teams, and brokers. By focusing solely on the upper echelon in the industry, we will train you differently in a way that allows you to have a unique and different approach to finding success.