Comfortable in almost any social or business situation, Tony Thomas is happiest when he’s assisting and serving others.

Tony Thomas, Coach, Team Leader at Thomas & Company

Email: [email protected]

Tony Thomas is a creative, conceptual thinker with a talent for taking charge, seeing the big picture, and thinking outside of the box. Always the life of the party, this Tulane University grad is an intuitive extrovert who thrives on being around people. This drive served him well during his prior tenure in corporate retail that took him all over the world, in which he successfully negotiated multi-million dollar transactions. Tony has been married to his wife and business partner Kate for 35+ years and is a father to Katherine and Will. In his free time, Tony enjoys entertaining, travelling, investing, walking, and reading.

At Goodfellow Coaching and Consulting

Tony is not only a member of the Goodfellow Coaching group, but is also a Mastery Member. He has held his Real Estate License for 15 years and is on the National Association of Realtors, Pinnacle of Success Ohio Association of Realtors, $25 Million Club, Columbus Board of Realtors, and Star Power Real Estate Group.